What is Wallaba

Wallaba.be® is the result of a long search for the ideal wood type for fences. It is mainly used in the Caribbean, where the climate is demanding because of the sun and tropical humid environment. The life of a wood type with sustainability class 1 is estimated to be 25 years. However, we at Wallaba refer to a life of 40 years or more.

Besides the classic qualities of tropical hardwood, Wallaba also has a few qualities which you can find nowhere else:

  • The beautiful deep red-brown colour which later becomes silver grey
  • Natural resistance against fire, insects and mould
  • Exceptional sustainability and strength
  • Cost price versus life
Sustainable forest management

Sustainable forest management

For us the origin of the wood is as important as the wood itself. This is why we only work together with reliable sources who can prove the legality of the wood. They in their turn always work together with the local population to collect the trunks from the forest and process them.
This is done in a responsible way by working on a small scale to avoid unnecessary damage to other trees.

In addition, the client can go one step further and choose the label FSC® 100%. This gives them the guarantee that the wood comes from forests that are managed in an ecological, social and economically sound manner. In this way even the end client can contribute to fighting deforestation.

Technical features

Technical features

Because of its chemical qualities, Wallaba is a wood type that contains oil. Since insects and larvae do not thrive in oil, this is beneficial for sustainability.
The physical qualities reveal something about its functioning and stability. Here Wallaba is also ideal, because there are hardly any internal growth tensions. The result is a fence which remains perfect throughout the year and all its life.

Not only are the proud owners satisfied, but local workers also like to work with Wallaba, because it is a soft wood type that is easy to work with. Even pre-drilling is not necessary!